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At Optimum, we've built our business working side-by-side with our brokers; celebrating your successes as much as our own. I guess you could call it a partnership; we do. That's why we developed our Partner Program: to reward loyalty and help our partners achieve their goals.

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The details

Status levels

Our goal is to build long-term partnerships with our brokers who continually commit to doing business with us. Our status levels are based on volume achieved in a calendar year based on funded date. Once a status level is achieved, it is carried forward to the next calendar year and must be maintained annually to continue to receive status benefits.

For example: a brokerage funds $7.5 million by October. They begin earning benefits of a Preferred Partner starting in November. They also retain their Preferred Partner status for the following year. Throughout the next year, if that brokerage funds less than $7.5 million, they would start the following year as a Partner.




A dedicated underwriting team:

  • Available by phone (no voicemail)
  • Industry-leading turnaround times
  • Knows you and your lending area
  • Will work with you to give your deal every chance of success

Personalized BDM support:

  • Same day call-backs
  • Regular on-site support
  • Personalized assistance in deal packaging
  • Training on how to close alternative lending deals

Volume bonus:

We love working with you, and compensating our Partner, Preferred and VIPs for all the business they do with us just makes sense. Our Preferred and VIP partners will earn a volume bonus on their newly originated alternative mortgage fundings. Brokerages have two options to receive this bonus, and it can only be changed once per calendar year:

  1. Full volume bonus paid to the brokerage based on the previous months funding via cheque once per month (default)
  2. Each funded deal would automatically include the volume bonus on their compensation cheques (with a signed agreement only) i.e., a Preferred broker would receive 60 BPS on a 1-year fixed rate deal
Funding ratio bonus:
Funding ratios are important to us. Better ratios help us maintain efficiency within our underwriting centre, which means better levels of service for you as our client. As a thank you for maintaining a commitment-to-fund (CTF) ratio of 65%, we are pleased to pay you a 10 BPS bonus on the deals you have funded.

Commitment-to-fund (CTF) = total funded / total submissions (12-month history):

  • Bonus is paid monthly on the most recent month of funded deals
  • Must have Partner status or higher
  • 12 month history based on submission date

Internal Refinance

When refinancing an existing mortgage:

  • Partners will receive 50% compensation on the full loan amount funded (ie. 1 year term earning is 25 BPS)
  • Preferred and VIP Partners will receive full compensation on the full loan amount funded (ie. 1 year term earning is 50 BPS)

Renewal fees

VIP, Preferred and Partners are eligible to earn renewal fees on maturing mortgages. To qualify for renewal compensation, we require the agent play an active role in the renewal process of the mortgage. To discuss your client’s history with us, please submit a current signed and dated broker consent form within 90 days of maturity, along with the borrowers renewal agreement received from Optimum Mortgage. Our renewal compensation is outlined below:

  • 1 year: 20 BPS
  • 2 year: 30 BPS
  • 3 year: 40 BPS
  • 4 year: 40 BPS
  • 5 year: 50 BPS


  • Competitive referral fees paid weekly
  • Opportunity to earn additional referral fees

Become a Partner

If you are interested in becoming one of CWB Optimum Mortgage’s broker partners, contact your BDM to learn how or click the link below to get started today. We will have the BDM dedicated to your region contact you directly.


Become a Partner

Program details
 Benefits   Partner Preferred Partner VIP
 Service Minimum annual volume  $3,500,000 or 12 funded deals $7,500,000 or 25 funded deals $15,000,000 or 50 funded deals
Regular e-mail notifications and status updates  checkmark checkmark checkmark 
Priority underwriting: top-of-queue service 
checkmark checkmark 
Dedicated underwriting team checkmark checkmark   checkmark
 Compensation Efficiency bonus of 10 BPS paid monthly when a 65% Commitment-to-fund (CTF) ratio is maintained checkmark checkmark  checkmark
Internal refinance compensation (on full loan amount)  checkmark checkmark  checkmark
Eligibility for renewal fees  checkmark checkmark  checkmark 
Eligibility for a volume bonus on alternative mortgages checkmark
5 BPS 
10 BPS
15 BPS

Brokers shaking hands

Grow your business

Earn additional compensation, receive priority service from a dedicated underwriter and BDM, and get regular application updates with our Partner Program