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COVID-19 updates

for our brokers

CWB Optimum Mortgage would like to express our deepest concern for you, your families and our communities as we all respond to the impact of COVID-19. Our teams are working hard to ensure their own health and safety so we can continue to provide the service you want and need during this uncertain time. 


We are here to help

We understand how COVID-19 is rapidly changing our normal routines, and how that might include your client’s finances. If your client is facing financial hardship, we can talk about options, like mortgage payment deferrals of up to six months, to help them manage their budget. 

Contact us

Please make your BDM your first point of contact, whether that be for pre-screening potential deals or addressing issues as they arise. Our underwriters are working hard to deal with the backlog and it is extremely important that we do everything possible to ensure that they maintain their focus in order to get us back to more acceptable service standards as quickly as possible. If you do need to get in contact with your underwriter or mortgage documentation officer, communication by email is highly encouraged and is the most efficient way to get in contact. 

Ask your BDM about our drive-by appraisal standards and our client Payment Relief options. 


Where else we can help

Client contact volumes are very high as a result of the uncertainty driven by COVID-19. Communication by email is highly encouraged and is the most efficient way to get in contact CWB Optimum Mortgage at this time.  We encourage your client to contact us directly to ensure quicker response time.

Instructions or funding inquiries [email protected]
Renewal inquiries [email protected]
Payment deferral inquiries [email protected]

Client questions

We understand that clients may be reaching out to you directly with questions about their mortgage and the options available to them. Please direct them to our COVID-19 page for clients.


We are currently striving to respond within 2 to 3 business days to all client inquiries

Frequently asked questions

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We are here to help and we will get through this, together.