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Top 10 questions we will ask on every deal

To accelerate the funding process, be prepared to answer the following about your next alternative lending deal.

The basics:

1)    Is your deal a purchase or refinance?

2)    What LTV are you looking for?


The property:

3)    Where is the property? What is the condition of the property?

4)    Is the property on a well or septic system? Is it on acreage? What is the zoning regulation?


The borrower(s):

5)    What are your borrowers’ BEACON scores?

6)    If there are any credit issues, what was the reason?

7)    Can the client demonstrate satisfactory mortgage repayment with no late payments/arrears via bank statements?

8)    Do they have a second mortgage? Why did they take out the second?

9)    If there is excess cash from the mortgage, what is the reason for the cash pull?

10) Are your borrower(s) self-employed or salaried?

  1. Can the client give supporting documentation to illustrate their income?


All of these questions will streamline your deal’s life cycle and decrease any chance of ‘surprises’ along the way. Download these questions for your reference later.