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Underwriting tips to get your deal funded faster

We share your sense of urgency on every deal and strive to provide a turnaround within 48-hours. Here are some tips to streamline the process and ensure your deal is funded as quickly as possible.


 Know your alternative lenders’ TDS/GDS limit

  • Understand what their definition of ‘non-conforming’ is
  • Understand when they will make an exception
  • Lean on your BDM and underwriter for guidance on policy changes


Remember that closing a deal shouldn’t only be about the rate. Consider whether or not your lender has the following:

  • Reasonable conditions
  • A common sense approach
  • Affordable pre-payment options
  • Mortgage portability/blend and extend options
  • Service and flexibility

Use your deal notes

  • Provides ‘building blocks’ for your lender
  • Should tell your client’s whole story


Guide your alternative lending clients

  • Explain to them why they do not currently fit in the 'A' market
  • Develop a game plan that will help them get back on track to qualify for lower rates
  • Keep them (and your lender) aware of every step in the process