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How to sell an alternative lending deal

As experts in alternative lending, we know that finding a mortgage solution that fits your client is ‘art’ not a ‘science’. Non-traditional or ‘out-of-the-box’ borrowers may be surprised to see a higher rate than they were expecting, so it’s important to take extra time to explain how the deal is designed to meet their personal needs.

Here are some tips on how to sell an alternative lending deal, directly from our experienced team of business development managers.

  1. Work with your client to overcome a financial pain-point or problem.
    • For example, if your client has a cash flow issue, talk to him or her about their options to consolidate debt, contribute to an emergency fund, or invest in an RSP/TFSA.


  2. Sell the affordability of the deal, instead of the rate.
    • Emphasize that being able to afford monthly payments is more important than how low the rate is.


  3. If you have a rate-sensitive client, present them with your lender’s flexible fee options.


  4. Clarify rate and fee expectations in the beginning, so there are no unexpected surprises when your client sees the commitment.


  5. Provide information on their mortgage features. With Optimum Mortgage, some of these features include:
    • Prepayment privileges to pay-off their mortgage faster
    • Portability options
    • Blend and extend options
    • Refinancing solutions to payout: CRA debt, consumer proposals, R9s, judgments, and collections


  6. Explain that this is a temporary solution—providing ‘stepping stones’ to bring your client back into the ‘A’ market.


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