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Always Be Closing contest

Win up to $250 for improving your close ratio!

We’re going back to the basics of closing to increase your application-to-fund ratio with Optimum. We’ve put together our best tips and tricks to help you improve your close ratio. All you need to do is implement these tips, submit your deals, and fund them!

It’s easy: the individual broker who achieves and maintains a 40% close ratio on deals submitted between May 1 and July 31, 2018 and funds those deals by August 31, 2018 will be entered into our monthly draw for a $50 Visa gift card. At the end of the contest, all brokers who maintained their 40% close ratio will also be entered to win the grand prize of a $250 Visa gift card.

The details:
• 40% close ratio will be determined by a 90-day look-back performed at an individual broker level
• Broker has remained with the same firm for the 90-day period
• 40% close ratio must be achieved and maintained by the individual agent as of August 31, 2018
• Three monthly prizes of $50 and one grand prize of $250 in Visa gift cards are available to be won


We've put together some helpful tips and tricks on easy ways you can increase your close ratio right away:

Accuracy of your application

If you’ve submitted a deal with us in the past, you’ve found that our team of BDMs ask a standard set of questions; we call them our Top 10 Questions. Every question is designed to better understand your client’s individual needs—so we can truly know your client and find a mortgage solution right for them. These questions also ensure your application is accurate and complete.

Be knowledgeable about your client

Use your deal notes to tell us your client’s whole story; explain any credit issues, the client’s income situation, or any other details that may be pertinent to their deal. These notes provide building blocks to form your deal. Always label your documentation, get your docs up-front when possible, and get conditions in as soon as possible; this will help accelerate the funding process.

Call your BDM

Your BDM is your #1 resource. Give them a call/email/text to discuss your deals prior to deal submission. They can let you know if the deal is a fit, and assist you
with options if it’s not. Running your deal by your BDM will keep your close ratio high as you will only send in deals that are a fit for Optimum.