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Does your client FIT our guidelines?

Unfold your client's deal with OptiFIT

With the ongoing changes in the alternative mortgage market, we wanted to help our brokers with the documents that are required when submitting a deal. With this in mind, we developed a tool to help lay it out in a way that's clear and easy to understand - OptiFIT

OptiFIT explains the four types of income you will come across in the alternative market, and the documents that are required when submitting a deal. This tool is a great starting point to package your deal for submission; however, we consider each and every deal based on its own merit and circumstances. OptiFIT is designed to deal with typical situations, so unique or unusual circumstances may require additional due diligence. If you are asked for more information, please provide the information requested as soon as possible as it will help speed up the application process.


Click here to download a copy of OptiFIT today


Underwriting tips

We share your sense of urgency on every deal and strive to provide a turnaround within 48-hours. Here are some additional tips to streamline the process and ensure your deal is funded as quickly as possible:  

Know your alternative lenders’ TDS/GDS limit

  • Understand what their definition of ‘non-conforming’ is
  • Understand when they will make an exception
  • Lean on your BDM and underwriter for guidance on policy changes

Remember that closing a deal shouldn’t only be about the rate. Consider whether or not your lender has the following

  • Reasonable conditions
  • A common sense approach
  • Affordable pre-payment options
  • Mortgage portability/blend and extend options
  • Service and flexibility

Use your deal notes

  • Provides ‘building blocks’ for your lender
  • Should tell your client’s whole story

Guide your alternative lending clients

  • Explain to them why they do not currently fit in the 'A' market
  • Develop a game plan that will help them get back on track to qualify for lower rates
  • Keep them (and your lender) aware of every step in the process


If you have any questions about our documentation requirements or these new tools, please reach out to your BDM. They are fully trained in our underwriting guidelines and will be the best resource for any questions you may have.