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Do you want to win a $2500 travel prize? What about a $500 WestJet gift card? If you do, you need to play Optimize: The Game of Mortgages. The game is simple: submit deals to Optimum, write your deal number in the corresponding square, and complete your board by December 31, 2019. Once the board is completed, submit it to your BDM and you will be entered into a draw for the grand prize. We will also draw 3 secondary prizes. Everyone who finishes a board will be entered to win. Good luck!

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How to play

Keep this board handy – we suggest you keep it on your desk, or in a central area in your office, as you will have this board for the entire year. As you and/or your team fund deals with CWB Optimum Mortgage, you will make your way around the board filling out the squares. Once the board is complete, submit it to your BDM and you will be entered into the grand prize draw. Good news – once you complete your board you and your team will have earned partner status with CWB Optimum Mortgage and your entire team has the potential to earn an efficiency bonus on all of your future deals with us. You also will have earned access to many benefits that are exclusive to our partners. Talk to your BDM for more information about the Broker Partner Program.


How the game squares work

You can use a deal number in two places. For example: If you fund a rental deal you can use that deal number for a funded deal square AND your rental square.

Properties: Each deal you fund can be used as a property in Optimize. You may only use one deal number per property with the exception of different deal types.

Social media and e-newsletters: These squares require you to sign up for our updates on Twitter and our Optigram newsletter. This means you will receive weekly updates via email from your BDM and you consent to do so. All completed boards submitted to CWB Optimum Mortgage will be checked to ensure you have signed up for these updates.


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Corners: Fill in the deal number for a deal you funded utilizing one of our approved lawyers, you can find the approved list here. Did you submit your documentation checklist to [email protected] for a deal? Great! Fill in the deal number on the board. You can find our checklist here.

Community chest: Keywords will be sent via our Optigram newsletter throughout the year. In order to receive these keywords, you must be subscribed to our weekly newsletter. You can sign up here, or ask your BDM for more information.

Chance: Each chance square holds a question; you must answer each question to complete the game square. You can find these answers on our website, in our product booklets, or with the help of your BDM.


All completed boards that are submitted for our prizing will be subject to accuracy checks to ensure all submissions are valid. You can play individually or as an office.

Optimize game board


Do you want to win $2500? Play the game of mortgages to win
great prizes!