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Conventional Income Confirmed Solutions

Rates & lending guidelines

Rates are exclusively available for select brokerages only. Please contact your BDM for further details.
Lending guidelines
Product guidelines
Loan purpose
  • Purchases
  • Refinances
Maximum LTV
Up to 80%
Minimum BEACON/FICO score
  • Primary borrower: 600
  • Joint borrower: 600
Lending areas Population > 10,000
  • 1,2,3,4, and 5 year fixed rate
  • 5 year variable rate
Loan amount
  • Preferred loan amount greater than $100,000
  • Loan amounts over $1 million considered on a case-by-case basis

Lending guidelines
Mortgage type Conventional income confirmed High ratio insured
Property use
  • Owner-occupied
  • Rental
  • Vacation/Secondary homes
As per CMHC and Genworth guidelines
Loan purpose & maximum LTV
  • Purchase & refinance: 80%
  • As per CMHC and Genworth guidelines 
As per CMHC and Genworth guidelines 
Minimum BEACON/FICO score 600 As per CMHC and Genworth guidelines 
Maximum amortization
  • 25 and 30 years available
  • 30 years requires a BEACON of 680 or greater
  • Maximum 25 year amortization available for 5 year variable term mortgages
As per CMHC and Genworth guidelines
GDS/TDS 39% GDS / 44% TDS As per CMHC and Genworth guidelines
Down payment

Minimum 20% for purchases

  • Consideration given to gifted down payments
As per CMHC and Genworth guidelines
Fees n/a As per CMHCand Genworth guidelines
Property type
  • Single family detached (minimum 900
    square feet)
  • Semi-detached (minimum 900 square feet)
  • Condominium or apartment (minimum 500
    square feet)
  • Acreages:
    • Maximum 65% LTV
    • Only 5 acres of land plus the value of the property are considered for calculating LTV
    • Well and septic considered
    • Maximum 10 acres
    • No archaeological zones
  • Country residential zones permitted (agricultural zones not permitted)
As per CMHC and Genworth guidelines              
Appraisal Required by fully qualified independent
appraiser from our approved list
As per CMHC and Genworth guidelines
  • Closed: 1 to 5 year terms
  • Variable: 5 year term
Loan amount
  • Preferred loan amount greater than $100,000
  • Properties over $1 million are considered with sliding scale
  • Early payouts permitted (may be subject to charges)
  • Opportunity to make an annual payment up to 20% of original mortgage amount, double-up payments or increase monthly payment up to 20% at any time
  • Prepayment charge is calculated as the greater of 3 months interest or the interest rate differential (using CWB posted rate, not bond rate)
  • Mortgage is portable based on client and property qualification
  • Blend and extend options available
Outside our lending guidelines
  • Unique properties
  • Previous grow-ops
  • Rent-to-own contracts
  • Mobile homes and/or manufactured homes
  • Rental pools
  • Cooperative housing 
  • Leasehold land 
  • Farms