COVID-19 updates

CWB Optimum Mortgage would like to express our deepest concern for you, your families and our communities as we all respond to the impact of COVID-19. Our teams are working hard to ensure their own health and safety so we can continue to provide the service you want and need during this uncertain time.


We are here to help 

We understand how COVID-19 is rapidly changing our normal routines, and how that might include your finances. If you are facing a financial challenge or struggling to make a payment, we can talk about options, like mortgage payment deferrals, to help you manage your budget.


If you require a mortgage payment deferral please fill out our deferral request form in order for your request to be directed to the appropriate department.


Contact us

If you have filled out the deferral request form but still require assistance, please find your options below. 

Payment changes or deferral requests [email protected]
Immediate payment concerns (ie. returned payments) [email protected]
Customer service and general inquiries  Call 1.866.441.3775 

Frequently asked questions

What does a deferral mean and how does it affect my mortgage?
Deferred mortgage payments are added to the mortgage amount and will accrue interest. You will need to pay those deferral payments in the future, either at the end of your mortgage or of a time of your choosing.
Will a deferral change my renewal date?
No, your renewal date will remain the same. If you are in a deferred payment situation with a renewal coming up and have questions, please contact our retention team at [email protected]
Will a deferral negatively affect credit?
No, deferrals do not negatively or positively impact a credit score. You may see on your credit bureau that a deferral is in place.
Will deferral apply on revenue properties due to renters unable to pay?
Yes, please fill out our deferral form and a member of our team will reach out to discuss options.
Will I be charged a fee if I defer a payment?
No, we are not charging fees to defer a payment.
I have a payment coming out right away that I cannot make, who do I contact?
Please email our special loans team at [email protected] 

We are here to help and we will get through this, together.