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Information for lawyers and solicitors

Find all of the information for lawyers and solicitors, including forms and frequently asked questions, in one convenient location.
We’ve some of updated our forms! To make it easier for you to complete, we’ve improved the accessibility of our forms and digitalized the process.
Residential approved list
Residential forms
Looking for a specific form for fixed and variable mortgages? Scroll to your province below to download the region-specific documents you require.










HELOC forms

Prince Edward Island
Standard mortgage terms PEI - 1039ATL(OP)
Solicitor's reports (interactive) PEI - Solicitor's Interim Report on Title Form 1215(PEI)CWB
PEI - Solicitor's Final Report on Title Form 1216(PEI)CWB

Lawyer application form

Based on having sufficient coverage in our key lending locations, CWB Optimum Mortgage is not currently adding additional lawyers to our approved list of lawyers. Our Approved Lawyer list is reassessed periodically to ensure we meet the needs of our borrowing clients as our business and the network of our approved law firms evolves.

Please note for any deals submitted to CWB Optimum Mortgage: Your client does not need to utilize a lawyer from our approved list - it is a suggestion, not a guideline. Your client can use any lawyer they prefer. If you are in good standing with the legal society you are able to work with us on your client's behalf.

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How do we get access to the mortgage proceeds?
A courier will direct deposit your mortgage funds into your trust account the day of funding. Please send your banking information with your request for funds by email to [email protected]
What is the best way to get completed mortgage
documents to Optimum?

Send mortgage documents either by email to [email protected]
What is the mortgage reference number?
A mortgage reference number will not be issued until the time of funding. Please use the client's last name as a reference.
What do I need to complete on the
anti-money laundering form?

This form needs to be fully completed.
How do I confirm that my taxes are paid up-to-date?
(Ontario only)

We require confirmation that taxes are current at the time of funding. This can be by way of a tax certificate, verbal confirmation from the city or town or a tax bill from the client. Please note that we do not accept title insurance in lieu of the mentioned confirmations.