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Is your mortgage up for renewal? It's time to talk to a renewal specialist about your borrowing needs.

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  • Change your payment frequency and save thousands in interest over your mortgage’s life cycle.
  • Put extra money towards your mortgage principal without incurring prepayment charges.
  • Take advantage of current interest rates though our blend and extend mortgage option.

Your mortgage is renewing soon—congratulations!

Whether your goal is to be mortgage-free faster or to reduce your monthly payment obligations, it’s time to talk with a renewal specialist to reassess your needs.

Your renewal can be made over the phone without hassle, lawyers, legal fees or appraisal fees. We can help you structure your mortgage renewal to take advantage of the benefits available to you:

  • Changing your payment frequency can save you thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your mortgage. You can even match your mortgage payments with your pay day or change how often you make payments.
  • Using your prepayment privileges allows you to put extra money towards your mortgage principal without incurring prepayment charges.
  • Renewing early may let you lock in a lower interest rate by blending your existing mortgage rate with the new rate for an extended term.

How can I get a lower interest rate?

  • Lock in a competitive interest rate through a fixed rate mortgage.
  • Decrease your long-term interest charges with a variable rate mortgage
  • Blend and extend your mortgage rate—blend the rate on your existing mortgage with the rate of the extended term.
  • If you own equity in your home, take advantage of a home equity line of credit for a flexible mortgage solution that can change as your needs change.



How do I renew my mortgage?

Complete your renewal agreement (mailed to you 45 days prior to your existing maturity date):

  • Select a term, initial, sign and date the renewal offer.
  • Fax, email or mail your documents within the self-addressed and prepaid envelope.
  • Check that the renewal agreement is received on or before your maturity date. 
  • Don’t hesitate to discuss your options with one of our renewal specialists at 1.866.441.3775.

Call us today to learn about your renewal options.

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To apply for a mortgage with Optimum, fill out an Application form and fax it to 1.866.477.8897.